Saturday, November 17, 2007

Randomness: Gospel of Judas and two new blogs

Today I have mostly stayed in, not doing housework, and wondering if it will snow at all later. All this while enjoying some French wine.

This morning I spent some time reading Elaine Pagels’s recent book, “Reading Judas”, which is about the recently discovered Gospel of Judas. The text is dated from the early Christian church, and is interesting in its view on martyrdom. While Iraneus, Ignatius, and other “orthodox” Christians were encouraging martyrdom on the part of persecuted Christians, this gospel clearly shows that there was dissent on that view in the early Church. The writer looks at martyrdom with as much horror as he does on religions that practiced human sacrifice. The gospel’s message has much in common with Hinduism and other Eastern religions, in its assertion that humans already have a connection to the Divine, and it is sacrificing human passion that is required, not any kind of blood sacrifice. The so-called “Gnostic” texts are interesting in how they show the divisions in the early Church. Once the Master disappears, the followers immediately lose their sense of unity, and start asserting their own understanding of the Master’s teachings via politics and other human agencies. It’s fascinating to contemplate.

On another unrelated note, I have discovered two newer blogs from interesting writers. One is ex-Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein, who writes for NPR, in a blog called Monitor Mix. Carrie is a very funny writer, and encourages comments from readers. I encourage you to read this one—her latest post about cell phones is absolutely hilarious.

I also discovered via Technorati a blog called You-Dope-ia by a gentleman calling himself Melak Ta’us. When I read his blog, I feel like he and I were separated at birth or something-we’re both obsessed with LOLcats, Led Zeppelin, news items in physics and other field that we have no comprehension of but are still fascinated with, and the religious “fringe”, for lack of a better term. I recommend his blog highly.


Melak Ta'us said...

YAY! I have found a simpatico spirit. Thanks, Brigid! It is a rare find to love Lolcats, Zeppelin (all hail), Crowley, and Religous Studies. Indeedly doodly. And... you were right about my confusion of Valentine's and Easter. Ah.... I'll rationalize the error through gematria or something. ;)
Yay. Now, if you were a libidinous submissive who wanted to be a third for my birthday evening w/ the wife... I'd be on cloud 9(3).
It's a pleasure to meet you!

Brigid N. Burke said...

Pleasure to meet you as well! I'm looking forward to your future posts. Do you have tickets to the big LZ event in London, or are you holding out hope that they'll actually tour?

Incidentally, the video you posted of the great JPP was a little startling. All he needs is a long beard and the hooded robe, and he'll look a lot like he did in the Song Remains the Same fantasy sequence...and I'm dang curious about this "song they've never done live before..."