Sunday, August 09, 2009


I was reading the RSS feed at HTMLGiant this morning, and "pr" posted the image that came up repeatedly when he googled the word "sonnet" using Image search. He then wrote a sonnet about it. Here is the link to that post.

My first thought was about the weirdness and unreliability of Google image search. However, if you were to show this to most men, I imagine they would prefer to get these kinds of results rather than something relevant to their original search. What guy wants to do boring research when he can look at boobs?

You'll have to forgive my constant references to psychoanalysis, as I spent too much time in graduate school immersed in those kinds of writings. But as a woman who isn't particularly moved by the sight of women's breasts, I can't help but think Freudian psychosexual theory, even though a lot of Freud's stuff is bullsh*t. I'm particularly thinking of "infantile regression", a later consequence of the Oedipal complex.

I recalled an episode from about 10 years ago. I was still married then, and my then-husband and I went out to breakfast. The restaurant was rather crowded, as it was a Sunday, and it seems like everyone goes out breakfast on Sundays. We ordered breakfast, and when they brought it to us, my husband suddenly asked the waitress for a glass of milk. I thought it was an odd request. Neither of us hated milk, but it wasn't something we typically drank, either.

He and I conversed about various things, and the waitress came back with the milk. A few moments later, a family with a couple of children that had been sitting across from us got up to leave. One of the children was an infant. After they left, he leaned over and said in a quiet voice, "Did you see what that woman was doing?"

"No. What was she doing?"

"She was breastfeeding her kid at the table."

"No, I hadn't noticed. So is that why you ordered milk?"

He stared at his glass of milk, wide-eyed. "Holy sh*t, I never thought about that."

So, I guess Dr. Freud won that round...

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