Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am finished teaching my summer class.

I have put so much energy into this since May, and I am finally going to celebrate the fact that my brain cells can focus on something else besides the thing I do at work all day. Well, OK, one of the things I do at work all day. And not every day.

Naturally, there are one or two last-minute things to take care of--a paper not handed in, etc. But I don't really care until next week. And it's not going to take all my time and energy.

So--my brain, now freed of the confines of thinking about AACR2, RDA, MARC records, and the machinations of WebDewey and ClassWeb is on a bit of a free-for-all. As if it's just hit the lottery and doesn't know how to spend that big payout, so it does a bunch of things at once. (I have no practical experience with the lottery part, unfortunately. I just imagine that's what would happen).

As a result, this blog posting is going to bounce around like a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer. And will be full of bad metaphors.

First up: food. I was amused to see this article on bacon fat and longevity. Yeah, it's anecdotal, as the guy says--but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who notices that the self-righteous health-conscious folks don't necessarily outlive those of us who eat what we want.

Speaking of smug self-righteousness--being environmentally "green" is now officially a religion. How do I know? Because there are self-righteous idiots who can post articles like this one. You know you've reached religion status when you can talk about being "greener-than-thou".

How connected are honesty and truth? Honestly? Is there such a thing as an honest lie? Can truth be dishonest? Talk amongst yourselves.

The XANITY Twitter feed announced a special place in Hell for those who correct grammar and spelling on Twitter. I think there should be a special place in Hell for people who don't know the difference between their/there/they're, your/you're, and lose/loose. Dante never mentioned that. Probably because he spoke Italian.

Here is some Cat Safety Propaganda from Allie Brosh. Consider yourself warned, grabby humans.

I believe in astrology, ghosts, and a number of other strange things. But I'm not big on UFOs. Still, this Cracked article is interesting.

Some incredible orange and black images from the Halloween Tree. You're ready for Halloween, right? I've been wanting it since at least June 23.

Turns out that old books may make you hallucinate. That may explain most of my life.

Check out this awesome piece from Spacedog. They did this when I saw them in London last month. Phenomenal.

Along with the Tea Party Movement, Justin Bieber fans, and botox, here's more proof that we're not intelligently designed.

There is an unwritten rule that all random blog posts must end with a reference to cats. So here it is.

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