Friday, February 04, 2011

(Pseudo) Snow Day Randomness 2011

I was talking to a friend today about my writing. I mentioned that I’ve had a hard time generating any kind of substantial thoughts about anything. Yeah, there are things going on in the world, but I really don’t know how I feel about any of them at the moment, and don’t want to speculate. He reminded me that I hadn’t yet done a 2011 “snow day randomness” post. I am not looking to encourage any more snow. But if you look outside, every day is pretty much a day with snow, so this will have to be close enough.

So, I present to you—2011 snow day randomness:

First—Sarah Palin seeks to trademark her name, and her daughter’s. Ostensibly this is because she’s protecting her “brand”, but I’ll betcha (pun intended) that she would use said trademark to sue anyone who she feels uses her name improperly. Which is OK by me—I’ll just refer to her on good days as “Caribou Barbie”, and on bad days as “The Alaska Jackass”.

Next, a stunning photo of the village under Mittlerspitz by David Kaplan.

John Foxx goes quasi-industrial with Benge. This new album is going to be BITCHIN’:

Here are a couple of recent and worthy Onion articles. The first reminds me of hipster couples that I know. The second is hilarious, but also scary. The Onion has a scary amount of truth in their satire. Example: When Bush was elected President, they posted an article, “Bush: Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over”. And, very soon thereafter, it was.

Honey, I'm not going to stand here and debate the merits of the B'52s...

Republicans vote to repeal Obama-backed bill that would destroy asteroid headed for Earth

Here is a great page about the writer M.R. James. There are links to 11 of his ghost stories. I’d cite a favorite, but it’s difficult.

Here is one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons with backwards titles and credits:

And finally, here are some Spongmonkies. You’re welcome.

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