Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am currently working on a very long, novella-length story in my archetype series. As a result, my brain feels like it's sort of fizzling when I try to come up with meaningful and/or quasi-interesting blog content. So, while I'm revising like a fiend, I wanted to share a few outside links discovered or re-discovered this week.

First, a disputed island in the Bay of Bengal disappears. I guess that solves that, then.

The NY Times has noted that reading scores are down for American schoolchildren, and speculate as to why. (I know! Pick me!)

Misleading headline of the week: Nazi doctors' documents found in attic. That's like saying you found personal documents of mine by going through my junk mail recycling.

I don't remember this book as a child, but it looks positively awesome.

Speaking of childhood--here is the amazing Patti Smith singing a horrible Debby Boone song on a show that was on television when I was a kid:

And finally, some more MST3K goodness. "A young Franz Kafka awaits his fate..."

Til tomorrow...

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