Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Blog News and Stats of Interest

One of the things I really dislike about Wordpress blogs is their statistics. They tell you almost nothing about your audience, and they don’t let you install external tracking codes. I don’t see why they think this is useful. Blogspot is a Google product, and therefore it’s easy to use Google Analytics tracking. I love Google Analytics.

I’d like to share some things I’ve discovered on Analytics. But first, a couple of announcements.

First—I discovered a great new blog reviewing books and other things associated with Lovecraft , horror, and weird fiction. It’s called Grim Reviews. Pretty much every book reviewed here is something I’d want to read. If you like this sort of thing, I recommend checking it out.

Second—congrats to my friend Mark at Youdopia for getting one of his links posted at The Guardian (a UK newspaper). Such links drive traffic way up, and I hope he’s gotten a few more readers as a result. I read Youdopia on Google Reader, which is good and bad—when you subscribe to an RSS feed, you no longer count as a “hit” in the Web tracking software, because you often don’t go directly to the site.

OK, so, back to stats of interest. Since its inception, there have been:
304 posts (this is 305)
10,110 visits
14,259 pageviews
7,305 unique visitors

Not bad for what really started out as a personal reflections site. Of more interest:

I’ve had visits from 95 countries, with the U.S. being the top (6,996 visits) and the U.K. following (1,060 visits). The top 10 include the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, India, Italy, Germany, Japan, France, and Brazil.

What are people looking for? In general:

Ghost Hunters
Na Karmana (Sannyasa Sukta)
John Foxx
The West Virginia Penitentary pentagram
Inverted Pentagrams
Found Footage Festival
Alan Robeson Chillingham Castle
Maggie Nelson’s “Bluets”
Midge Ure (shudder)
A variety of other blogs by people named Brigid (or Bridget or Brighid, etc.)

The weirdest searches were as follows (and I don’t think I answer any of these queries in my postings):

Barry fitzgerald nude ghost hunters international (no, I have no nude photos of Barry. Sorry.)

Cataloging books that might be hoaxes (my question would be: why bother?)

Does seducing women through hypnosis work (No.)

Email picture of cars driving through a very high wall (don’t think I have any of those, either.)

Has anything happened to people on the haunted wall (I don’t know, but tell me if you find out.)

Invoking spirits through lalitasahasranam (You’re missing the point.)

Karborn mother (yes, I’ve met Karborn’s mother. )

Someone stole my billiard balls, where can I get a replacement (Couldn’t tell you.)

Us airforce base Alaska 1953 fire brigid burke casualty (Really? I had no idea I died in 1953. Sounds like a legend-appropriate death, though. You know—Brigid, fire...)

Is John Foxx married (No, but he’s not available. He’s in that category of “men I would love to be with, but are seriously involved with someone else”. But I don’t write about that, because it’s his private business.)

Metaphors about driving (these always come from the U.K.—what is it with you Brits and driving metaphors?)

I hope you’ve found this enlightening, and maybe I’ve answered some of your questions. Next time I'll write a real post.

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