Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Morning Before Work

On Saturday I took a ride up to Hudson, New York, to visit the BCB art gallery. I missed the opening for the latest exhibition, Lifelike, so I wanted to see it before it ended, and say hello to Bruce Bergmann, the owner. The exhibit had some very interesting images of ordinary things--Lynn Itzkowitz's striking images of clothes tossed aside cause you to do a double take, and Ching Ho Chen's fruit images that was described as "exploding" the fruit, though it looks more like a very detailed cutting of the inside of various fruits. Lucio Pozzi's works were lush, but too bright for my personal taste--I tended to prefer the more subdued work of Camilo Kerrigan.

I also noticed that some of John Foxx's pieces that didn't sell were up, most notably "Avenue of Trees", and the large image of the angel from the Quiet Man CD cover (don't remember what that's called offhand). At only $450 someone should snatch this one up. Do it before I do. According to Bruce "He Walked For Years" was the most popular print; with it's astonishing perspective of the man walking through a row of towering sculptures in a hallway, it's no wonder.

After visiting with Bruce I stopped by to see Dini and Windle at the Inn at the Hudson, though not for long, as they were in the middle of renovations. They did show me their beautiful new kitchen and office space, and the new tiled floors with radiant heat. Absolutely beautiful.

Walking down Warren Street, I am always amazed at how busy and quiet it is at the same time. There are cars everywhere, yet I can hear my own footsteps when I walk. I had to stop for food and some of the local beer (C.H. Evans, which makes a fantastic nut brown ale) before heading home.

On the way home, I noticed a sign on the Thruway for a company--Tectonic Engineering. What exactly do they engineer? Earthquakes? Maybe they should hire Deepak Chopra--I hear his Shiva mantras caused the Baja earthquake. I'll reserve comment, but Phil Plait had some interesting things to say about that assertion.

Upon arriving home, I checked my mail, social networking, forums, and such. On the John Foxx Metamatic forum, I learned that John was at the opening for the Mirrorball exhibition in London. I was rather upset to learn this, because I'd been invited to the opening, but wasn't going to spend $1,000 on airfare, hotel, and such if John "might" be there. I'd e-mailed his manager, but got no response; of course, they're very busy right now, so I'm not really surprised. I blame myself for not following up on it. Still, I usually get an instinct about these long trips, a sense of "you must go", or "eh, don't bother". I didn't get a strong sense I should go to this, so maybe in the grand scheme of things I wasn't supposed to go. At least that's how I'm consoling myself. I like seeing John at smaller events; while I like to see whatever it is that's going on--music, art, film--I also like to talk to him. That's harder to do at large scale events.
But life goes on, and I'll just have to wait for the next time.

I saw an article this morning about a retired Bishop discussing the Church's responsibility for the ongoing pedophilia scandal. Just kidding--he blamed the Jews. The Jewish blogger who wrote about this accurately noted that the Church has pretty much blamed everyone but themselves for what is going on. They have taken the step of changing their policy--bishops are now to go straight to the police in such cases, and not go through Church hierarchy. I don't know that they can avoid blame for past events, though. There's been talk in Europe about bringing criminal charges against the Pope for endangerment of children--and not just from Richard Dawkins.

I'm starting to think people are crazy. Maybe this should be no great revelation. But there seem to be more crazy people now, or maybe I'm just aware of more of them. Maybe I'm crazy myself. If everyone is crazy, do we have to change the rules to make the crazy people normal? Would I rather be the crazy one under such circumstances?

I think I need more coffee...

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